Our best- selling muffin mixes are made specially for Love the Cook by the Old Muffin Factory.

These mixes include some of the usual as well as unusual flavors. For instance, muffin mixes are available from Apple Cinnamon to Watermelon and even Peanut Butter & Jelly!. We also carry excellent beer bread mixes, coffee cake mixes, and a savory apple crisp topping mix.

Our gourmet muffin mixes taste homemade without all the hassle, which explains why these mixes remain store bestsellers year after year.

Each flavor comes with its very own decorative pouch shaped according to "taste".
Golden Cornbread Muffin Mix $4.99
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Golden Cornbread Muffin Mix
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Golden Delicious Muffin Mix $4.99
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Golden Delicious Muffin Mix
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Peppermint Sugar Cookie $2.99
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